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Who I am


As a qualified Life Transitions Coach &   Positive Psychologist my goal is to ensure anyone  going through a challenging transitional phase in their lives can take control of the changes they really want to see. My personal   're-invention' pathway took me from a career in education to a new life as a Life Solutions
Facilitator [ie - a Coach!] 

When I'm not working I love spending time with my family & friends, walking coastal paths,  running or cycling along the Exe  Estuary & singing in cathedrals & lecturing in art history. I also have a passion for colour & form in nature which has resulted in utilising the 'littoral wisdom' provided by sea, sand and sky -- why not explore your dominant 'colour coded' Temperament and use the strengths it gives you?

It is inspiring for me to meet resilient people from all walks [& stages] of life who are looking for a way to live the life they really want in the way they want no matter what life throws at them; the problem state is no longer serving them well. 

I feel privileged when I'm able to join with them on their journey [sometimes literally - along the Exe Estuary - or in your own preferred environment ] The toughest of challenges become more manageable when you can explore them in the safe, secure & energising coaching environment.

I'm looking forward to engaging with you in my bespoke 'Thinking Environment' sessions which will enable you to build your confidence, deepen your resilience & so achieve your goals.


You may have even more specific requirements:
  • Confident charismatic presentations 
  • Successful interview performance
  • Transforming colleague/personal relationships
  • Managing effective teams
  • Improving sales conversion rates 
  • Increasing employee loyalty & punctuality
  • Overcoming a problem behaviour
  • Losing weight
  • Giving up smoking
My advanced Wellbeing Transitions Solutions Coaching & NLP is designed to help you .........
  • Define clear goals
  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop self-belief 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Transform your relationships
  • Redefine your career path
  • Engage with your values
  • Give you the best possible work/life balance
The secret to achieving more and worrying less
lies in knowing what you really want.
 Solution-focused coaching the coastal colours way
will enable you to be the best of who you are.
  • Now is always the right time to invest in yourself!


  • Discover how positive colour Temperament psychology and the solution-focused approach can help you achieve extraordinary results. 


  • Deal with your limiting beliefs effectively and unleash the transformation you want to experience in your life.

  • Are you ready to regain control of your life?

  • Are you looking to develop your potential further?

  • Do you feel that the pathway you are on may not be the right one for you?

 Would you like to replace toxic thoughts and behaviours with empowering and uplifting ones?


An acorn can grow to become a magnificent oak tree, but it has to be in the right environment and have the right nourishment if it is to realise its full potential.


Transformational solutions are

within your grasp.


Why not begin to explore what they are today? 

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