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  Enjoy the journey



Explore your goals safely, securely, confidently ....

  • Enjoy the journey to self-discovery either in the 'Zoom room' or my light & sunny consulting room or on an invigorating coastal walk

  • Transform your confidence as you appreciate your Values & Beliefs

  • Celebrate your strengths

  • Reinvent your career 

  • Increase your resilience

  • Discover the transformative power  of knowing  your 'DISA' temperament 


  • Control your controllables

  • Increase your happiness

  • Build your self-belief

  • Re-frame unhelpful thoughts

  • Remove self-sabotaging behaviours 

  • Grow your strengths

  • Create new habits

  • Transform your relationships

  • Motivational Performance Coaching techniques for staff/student training

  • Set yourself, your children, your students self-motivated goals

  • Acquire coaching techniques and transform team spirit 

  • Creative Coaching Solution-Focused tools turn failure into learning opportunities - an essential prerequisite to success [Dyson & Jackson]

  •  Unlock the right career path with a personalised career profiling questionnaire

  • Use Positive Psychology to  enhance performance & realise greater happiness

  • Adopt colour psychology to understand how you can wear your colours to  enhance your well-being.

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