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Claire [HR Manager]


“Thanks Elaine for another excellent session and wonderful notes: so useful. Came away this week feeling very good and the most confident I have been for 3-4 years!”

Mike [Writer]


“Thank you Elaine. I am so pleased that I decided to opt for your unique style of creative self-development coaching sessions. I was able to fully explore who I am and why I chose the career I love - the difficulties were re-framed as opportunities. ”

Melanie [Nurse]


“I arrived at the first coaching session with a goal to secure permanent employment.  During the session I was encouraged to examine myself and all the positive attributes I had. The positive approach was inspiring and yet I still doubted myself. Addressing my limiting beliefs freed me to  discover that I did not need to fit into or become what I thought I should be for the role, but that I actually was that person. At interview I was able to be truly authentic in my answers and confident in myself. The coaching process was invaluable in helping me to be confident at interview and ultimately secure the job I really wanted.”


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some of my clients...

Liz [Tutor & Mentor]


“During the coaching programme, and with the help of the subsequent feedback forms, I feel that my thoughts have been unscrambled where necessary and I have had non-judgemental help steering me towards goal-setting as well as being given self-affirmation.  .”

Linzi [Arts Co-ordinator]


“In my coaching sessions with Elaine, my confidence increased vastly. I felt enormous relief as Elaine encouraged me to unlock MY solutions to problems I'd been trying to grapple with for years.


I would highly recommend Elaine's motivational coaching sessions to any professional who wants to find new, reflective ways of evaluating their performance in a professional environment. It's liberating to discover how performance and relationships in the workplace can be changed when they are re-framed!”

Stuart [NQT]


“Thanks so much for your coaching Elaine. You are amazing! It's been extremely positive for me to reflect on really important issues. You have helped me calmly reflect on my performance without judging myself so harshly. I have used the ideas which came out of our sessions  in my French and Spanish lessons. I'm now much more confident about my teaching ability.”

Cath [P.A.]


“I really valued the fact that in my coaching sessions with Elaine I felt able to talk in confidence about very sensitive and difficult personal issues. These very personal issues had been long in the making and deeply rooted but it was key for me to be able to begin the process of unlocking the door to alternative pathways. I felt we were always moving forward; it never felt like we had nowhere to go.

This unlocking process was 'transformational' for me.”

Paul [Head of Faculty]


“The coaching sessions with Elaine enabled me, as a teacher of nearly 30 years experience, to see a new purpose and reason behind remaining a further 13 years in teaching - other than just paying bills. Before the coaching sessions, I was becoming what I feared most: a tired, grey, teacher. The sessions enabled me to realise again that the roots of teaching are for the major stakeholders, the children. I am now a much more balanced teacher & leader; calmer on the inside which is where it counts most. I now have the hunger and inspiration burning again.”

Izzy [Student Specialist Musician]


“The creative solutions coaching sessions i had with Elaine helped me to step into the exam room with much more confidence. I was able to re-frame my mindset so I knew what success looked and felt like. I could see that all the work I had done to prepare for the exam, including anything that had not gone quite right in my practice sessions, had made me into a stronger and more resourceful performer. This helped me walk into my exam knowing that everything was going to be okay regardless of what happened. It was definitely the first time I've ever left an exam with a big grin on my face!”

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