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Career Coaching

'Be the Change

you want

to see"

    Potential =

Aptitude [recognised]

Inspiration [released]

Development [revealed]

Solution-Focused Performance Coaching

INSET training for building successful teams and improving individual performance.


Discover how creating a coaching culture in your business could increase morale, reduce absenteeism and improve turnover by booking a Motivational Performance Coaching training session.

One-to-one or Team coaching depending on your business needs.


Contact me today and take your business teams to the next level. 

Solution Focused
Performance Coaching Training
One hour,
Two hours,
Half day or Full day

Career coaching for success & happiness


  • Understanding your goals

  • Personality Colour Profiling [DISA method]

  • A Solution Focused approach opens up you  YOUR options

  • Empowering coaching conversations at work

  • Effective use of Positive Psychology

  • Values which are supported by your beliefs - what are they? Do they work?


Coaching empowers people to achieve their Goals.

"EQi is more than twice as 

important as IQ in

determining how successful a person will be in their

 working life." 


[D.Goleman in 'Working with Emotional Intelliegence']


Understanding what coaching is (and isn’t), gives you the tools to integrate coaching  techniques into business enterprises.

Caeer development Coaching for individuals can be transformational.

Research [by Goleman & Gallwey] has shown effective Solution Focused Coaching helps to increase turnover by improving teamwork and individual motivation. Coaching encourages more effective management & leadership structures.

There is an increasing body of evidence from successful business leaders and teams that proves motivational Solution-Focused Coaching sessions can be a valuable tool in increasing productivity for both the individual and the organisation. 

For instance, a holistic coaching approach to achieving goals was at the forefront of improvements in productivity levels of employees at IBM in 2011.

Recent research suggests that:


  •  A Solution-Focused coaching approach which unlocks potential by exploring values and beliefs is much more likely to embed behavioural & cognitive change.


  • Setting SMART goals and thus engaging with the coaching mindset is an effective method of achieving the right balance between challenge and skill.


  • Successful corporate teams achieve at least a 3:1 ratio of positive statements to negative in meetings - flourishing marriages require a 5:1 ratio.


  • Self belief and self discipline are much better predictors of high grades, and a corresponding growth in potential, than IQ levels (USA Californian University study 2009). Coaching can transform both.


 …. improve the performance of your business at any level using coaching techniques and methodology.

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