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'Be the change


want to see'

Find what works


do more of it

It’s an interesting fact that when NASA were looking for astronauts in the 1990s, they rejected people who had histories of success; instead they selected people who had had significant failures and bounced back from them. 

 Creative Coastal Wellbeing Coaching ........ empowers you to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem. It enables you to appreciate your temperament qualities so you can create more behavioural flexibility & resilience. This encourages your brain, heart and gut to work together:  more effective living is the result.

… my 60 or 90 minute Estuary/Beach Coaching sessions provide a change in environment for you to explore the change you want to see in your life, free from distraction, in a location that promotes atypical thinking, using techniques designed to make the most of the coastal “littoral space”.  The Exe estuary and beach provides a great backdrop for targeted performance coaching and aligned lifestyle coaching. This is further facilitated by my credentials as an EMCC and ICF certified Creative Coastal Reinvention Coach incorporating the latest neuroscience and NLP insights.  'Littoral wisdom' can be your stepping stone towards the life you want.

                   Building Confidence & growing Resilience                           = Happier Life Choices 😊


Our resilience isn't a fixed entity: it takes a lifetime to grow and develop. Recent Neuroscience research into 'brain plasticity' has shown that we can grow our capacity to develop skills and resources over time which increases our resilience.


We can choose to replace the concept of failure or defeat with the premise that when events or situations don't go the way we want them to,  an opportunity is provided to do something different; to try another path, open a different door, even experiment with different colours and textures.                  


Reinvention & Confidence Coaching aims to ensure you are using only colours which reflect who you are and what you want to achieve. This process can enhance your confidence, strengthen your resilience and allow you to get on with enjoying the life you want.

The famous ballet teacher, Maria Semyonova, chose students who were energised by criticism, enjoying the journey towards success just as much as ‘arriving’.