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NLP techniques and

methods will help you

get from your Present,

[less than desirable] State 

to your Desired State 







 Well-being & Happiness

"Let the journey begin"

The NLP Technology of Personal Excellence targets;


  • How we organise our thoughts - NEURO

  • How we use language; what this reveals about our state - LINGUISTIC

  • Influences on our behaviour: purpose and clarity  - PROGRAMMING                                 

  • My Creative Reinvention NLP sessions have helped to transform the lives of a great many busy professionals, stay at home Mums, people approaching retirement as well as those facing stressful situations at home or work. If you are facing a big life transition then ensuring your thoughts and behaviours reflect and enhance your Wellbeing is fundamental to making better choices.

  • By discovering how you do what you do when you are at your best you can harness your resources, strengths & skills to realise so much more of your potential.

  • Maybe you still aren't convinced because limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours have been holding you back for longer than you care to think about! You've got coping strategies which are 'good enough' to allow you to get through most days: but for how long? Why not take action now?

  • The good news is that you can make better choices  - even when circumstances seem to be telling you otherwise. 

  • DISA Temperament Colour profiling can help you to live in harmony with who you really are - why not discover your DCM [Driving Core Motive]?

  • Seize the day and engage with tried and tested NLP solutions coaching sessions and discover the best pathway for the next stage of your journey into the life you want..


If you are fed up with

your present state and want

your life to be different,

then NLP coaching could be the answer you are looking for.

Differences between NLP Life Transitions Coaching

and other Therapies


  • There are overlaps in term of methodologies and interventions between CBT, Gestalt, Counselling and NLP  

  • The crucial difference is that NLP Coaching presupposes a normal level of psychological and emotional health in most areas of life.

  • NLP style Coaching uncovers what works by examining the exceptions in any undesirable behaviours or thoughts and installing these at a deeper level - this facilitate the changes you want to make.



"The most powerful vehicle for change"


Psychology Today Magazine

 NLP enables you to:


  • Grow your confidence

  • Transform your self-esteem

  • Achieve greater happiness 

  • Engage with what works 

  • Reclaim control 

  • Unlock your potential

  • Create new empowering habits

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