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Your first session is FREE.
You need safe space to assess whether SFC is right for you.
In the complimentary session we get to know each other and assess which coaching approach will suit your needs best. 

Creative Solutions Coaching


"pathway to excellence "

Meet Elaine
There comes a time when the right sort  of change is essential if we are to continue developing ourselves.  For me that time came in 2012.  I needed a new challenge.
By exploring the transformational power of Creative Solutions NLP Coaching, I discovered a powerful way to make change happen. This powerful mechanism for change can revolutionise your professional life and relationships as well.
So why not embrace the NLP psychology of excellence and get the life you want now.
Creative Solutions Coaching
 NLP Change Coaching
I'm a fully accredited & successful 


+ NLP 'Change' PRACTITIONER based in Somerset.

Working with me will give you the opportunity

to maximise

your personal and professional performance

By replacing your limiting beliefs with empowering ones and strengthening your core values -

 lasting change can be achieved.

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