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  • Mathew van Beek


Have you ever fully reflected on what makes successful people successful? Not just ‘one issue’ success or treading on others on the way up the greasy pole or showy flamboyance which doesn’t stand the test of time, but a lifetime of facing a myriad of challenges and learning through them all – especially the failures! That’s success. It’s a strange truth that the most long-lasting success stories lie with people who have failed the most.

Look at the following list and give yourself a 1 – 10 rating for each.

If you achieved more than 80/100 then you are already well on the way to a ‘life-time’ success award. Well done! Less than 50? Then it’s unlikely further progress can easily be made without a creative solutions-focused approach to seeking out the best ways of changing what isn’t working and so transforming your life.

Here are 10 factors which are tried and tested ways adopted by

successful people ...........

  1. .... move on – little time is spent feeling sorry for themselves & making excuses

  2. .... take full responsibility for past behaviours – they look for solutions to prevent the same thing happening again & again

  3. .... invest their energy in the present – the past isn’t a place to be ‘dwelt on’ and over-thought!

  4. .... embrace change & take ownership of it – challenges are welcomed & embraced

  5. .... ‘Control their Controllables’ – they don’t waste energy on what isn’t controllable.

  6. .... are willing to take calculated risks – benefits/drawbacks are assessed and ......

  7. .... learn best through failure – every failure is seen as an opportunity to improve.

  8. .... are prepared to work hard & succeed on their own merits – they don’t feel the world owes them anything & they can readily give praise to others who succeed and learn from them.

  9. .... have staying power & think productively – they find ways to replace negative thoughts with helpful, energising ones.

10..... regularly reflect on their progress – taking time to consider what has been achieved and what more needs to be done.

What was your score?

90%+ Wow standard of success! [possibly a bit impossible to live with??]

75%+ success AND more approachable with it [there are ways you want to improve]

60%+ areas of success [mostly motivated to improve]

50%+ feeling insecure in some key areas [want to improve but not sure how]

40%+ lots of wobbles [not sure it's worth the effort - confidence not high?]

less than 35% .....??

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