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Who needs strongly SUPPORTIVE help in your workplace this week?

The post bank Holiday [summer holiday has ended] overload at work is about to engulf us! Meaningless platitudes and false sympathy about 'ridiculously busy' lives will abound even more as we seek to find excuses for not facing up to difficult decisions .... but there is a choice....
Instead of focusing on how bad things are, how about taking a different approach which could be much more helpful and supportive. What's your reaction to this sort of post Bank holiday Tuesday morning conversation...
"Hi Jane! How was your weekend?"
"Far too busy - never really had a holiday - children needed lifts everywhere, Allan was late back from the pub as usual on Saturday even though he'd promised to be earlier ..... so we didn't get to the film - again - I've been wanting to see it for ages .... and my Mum spent hours on the phone last night telling me how terrible life was with no family visiting her for ages etc - obvious dig at me!! .... It seems to be all take, take, take from everyone at the moment..... "
"Oh! Sorry to hear that ..... my hols were great .... maybe we could talk later .... must rush ..... Viv needs this report in the next 30 minutes ..."
The mindset of both these work colleagues could be transformed by just one 'power thought' before going into work - "I will to do or say something encouraging/supportive for Jane/Dan/Ellie/Steve asap this morning."
This will enable you to -

  1. Plan ahead WHO to approach and WHAT to say or DO

  2. Focus on out about a specific positive event in Jane/Ellie/Dan's life or holiday experience.

  3. Find 'exceptions' in your colleagues 'bad' holiday experience [when was it less bad? what was less bad/better about it? How could more of this behaviour/thought process be encouraged to happen more often?]

  4. There is always a choice .... to live with/focus on what is working well NOW [no matter how small] or to live with and focus on 'the problem' 90% of the time - We may not always be able to choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitude.

  5. What would a successful/happy weekend/day at work look or be like? How would you know it was successful?

  6. Think of one step you could make TODAY towards making this happen?

Motivational thought Q - What sort of post holiday encouragement would you most like to receive at work this week? MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE = pay it forward to someone asap

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