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  • Mathew van Beek

Clearing the Fog

unfog your life

Whatever happened to those New Year Resolutions?

Have they been overwhelmed by the fog of life yet again, followed by the all too familiar feeling of 'I've done it [or rather not done it] again! Why am I never able to stick to my goals? Perhaps you didn't get round to making any resolutions - or if you are anything like me, the fog of life closes in and a crash landing quickly followed! Making excuses is the next response - 'Too much stress' and 'It wasn't really my fault because ....' is all that's left to us if our pride is to be salvaged. A renewed determination kicks in round about now for those of us attempting to feel better about our 'failed' NYRs.

But why does it seem so hard to keep our resolve strong? Why is it stressful to either give up what we know we shouldn't be doing or begin doing what we persuade ourselves is essential if we are to have a happier, more fulfilled life?

Here are some suggestions for an alternative mind-set focusing on what you CAN do [not on what you can't] and what you HAVE achieved so far [not on what you haven't got round to.]

1. Do the WWWT challenge! Write done 'What Went Well Today' every day in a notebook - even if it's small and seemingly insignificant compared to something that went wrong, still commit it to paper. After 2 weeks you will be surprised at how your thinking is changing your focus from CAN'T DO to CAN DO. This in itself can be tranformational.

2. Make a list of your strengths and turn them into affirmations which you repeat regularly to yourself ie 'I am a reliable and encouraging person.' 'I work quickly and effieciently.' 'I'm interested in people.'

3. Take a look at your long-term Goal and decide on the SMALLEST STEP you could take towards achieving it NOW [today, tomorrow, this week] Tell someone you trust what it is and ask them to 'check-in' with you at the end of the week regarding progress.

Enjoy your successes and build on them one small step at a time.

Progress is all about 'marginal gains' - ask anyone who plays sport or a musical instrument seriously.

Most importantly, give yourself permission to learn from whatever happens - & move on.

This is LIFE.

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